Evergreen Skateparks Vision

Our mission is to build fun, innovative skate parks that people of all abilities and experience can enjoy. From someone who just stepped on a skateboard to a pro who has been skating for 20 years, we want our parks to be fun for everyone. It is not easy to build the best or most optimal skateparks. It takes experience, dedication, and the utmost care. This is a challenge that the Evergreen crew is incredibly prepared for and ready to tackle in any situation.

Our designs incorporate transition and street inspired sculptural obstacles. The Evergreen Skateparks crew are all avid skateboarders who strive for perfection in all aspects of concrete design and craftsmanship. Our parks are created from start to finish, and our goal is to make the most optimal skateparks for everyone to learn, progress, and have fun.

Another important aspect of our design is an appreciation for aesthetics as our skateparks are an entirely turnkey product.  Although the most importance lies in skateable functionality, we also want our parks to be pleasing to the eye and incorporate the natural elements and surroundings.

Our motives are simple and straightforward: to build the best skateparks possible!

"Billy Coulon and the whole Evergreen crew have created an original way of designing and building skateparks. Thunder Park is one of the coolest designs I've ever seen and Evergreen is putting such an amazing finish on it, I think it's the best park in the state." -Jeff Ament, Pearl Jam






Spring 2016 Update


Blackfeet Skatepark Best in Montana!


Summer 2015 Update

Hernando, Mississippi Skatepark Now Open

THUNDER PARK Grand Opening June 26!


Evergreen Crew Skating the Thunder Park!

Evergreen in Belding, Michigan

VIDEO: Evergreen Crew Skating the Milliken, Colorado Skatepark

New Evergreen Skatepark coming to the Blackfeet Reservation in Montana

Evergreen Promo Video

Evergreen Interview in Transworld Business!

Villa Park HELI-CAM video