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  • Skateparks for a Small Footprint

    When it comes to skateparks we are always going to want to build as much square footage as possible (we are in the business of building), but often times space and primarily budget limit what can be built. Because of this we have strived over the years to find away to build skateparks with small square footage that are still dynamic, a great ride & pack a lot in while also being extremely functional. Just because a community has a small budget doesn't mean they can't get an amazing skatepark.

    A prime example of this is the park we just completed in Johnson City, Texas- a little under an hour west of Austin. At just 3,000 square feet it is on the tiny size but the unique design is made for speed. We also made the adjacent path super smooth with some fun ledges & manual pads.

    ABOVE: Crew member Keith Powers takes some test runs.

    In this shot above you can see the whole lunar landscape style park with the street path on the left.

    Of all the small skateparks we've done, the Johnson City, Texas park is probably our favorite for both aesthetics, refinement, flow, and function. As an added bonus it's right on your way to the much larger park we built in Fredericksburg if you're heading west from Austin.

    The Hays, Montana Skatepark on the Fort Belknap reservation is another tiny park we completed last summer with Montana Pool Service coming in at just 3,300 square feet.

    ABOVE: Hays, Montana Skatepark

    Many Portland skaters will be familiar with our Alberta Skate Spot on 52nd & Alberta at Khunamokst Park in NE Portland. It's important to note that during the design process the 'skate spot' was supposed to be even smaller (hard to believe- I know)- we had to push the city & architects just to get it to the size that it is today. Althought the Portland skate community definitely could use and would accommodate a much larger park, we were happy to do our best to make the most of the small space.

    ABOVE: Alberta Skatespot- Portland, Oregon

    Nice little overview of the #albertaskatepark with @jeremyhasasidekick skating #portlandoregon by @strike_everywhere

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    Our smallest public skatepark to date was built in Eau Claire, Wisconsin back in 2013. The skate community had a lot of requests for the teeny tiny park so we did our best to pack a lot in to the just 2,400 square foot park.

    ABOVE: Eau Claire, Wisconsin Skatepark- 2,400 Square Feet

    And lastly- our tiniest park of all- the Portland mini skatepark at a private residence. Just 750 square feet of fun.

  • SPRING 2017 Update

    It's been awhile since we posted to our newsletter so we'll start where we left off. At the end of November 2016 we finished the Rockridge Skatepark in Bend, Oregon. This lunar landscape skatepark comes in at right about 11,000 square feet & should be open to the public when the rest of the Rockridge park construction is completed this summer of 2017. This is by far one of our favorite skateparks that we've designed & built and it will be a unique & fun addition to the Oregon skatepark scene.

    After completing the Rockridge skatepark we built a new quarter pipe at the Beaverton, Oregon skatepark:

     At the beginning of this year we were lucky to land a project in warm, sunny Texas. In February we began construction on the Johnson City, Texas skatepark which is not too far from Austin & just a short drive from the park we completed in 2015 in Fredericksburg, Texas. The Johnson City park is one of our favorite small skateparks we've done. It has a great flowy area with a long skateable path with ledges & manual pads.

    After Johnson City a small crew did some maintenance & new pool coping to the Grindline Skateparks designed & built West Linn, Oregon skatepark. Sometimes old concrete skateparks just need a little TLC.

    Mid-April we broke ground in Darby, Montana. The town of Darby already had a sad little existing park that was basically just a slab of concrete with a bank so we are sprucing that up to make it more FUNctional with some new street obstacles as well as adding another 4,300 square feet of concree skatepark. This surprise skatepark is being funded by the Montana Skatepark Association as well as Montana Pool Service- Jeff Aments skatepark charity. This will be our second skatepark in the Bitterroot Valley- a place Evergreen Skateparks is proud to call home now as we have our second office up the road in Stevensville, Montana where we built a park in 2015. The Darby Skatepark should be finished & ready for shredding in a couple weeks. Here's some shots of our progress so far:

    ABOVE: Demolition & construction on the old existing park

    ABOVE: Montana Pool Service Design rendering for the Darby Skatepark

    ABOVE: Real life Montana Pool Service designed section shaping up.

    ABOVE: New street features being added to the old park.

    Along with the Darby, Montana project we have one of our crews getting started on a much awaited park in Stockholm, Sweden. This is our first park in Sweden and will hopefully be finished before their midsummer holiday in June.

    ABOVE: Skatepark Construction in Stockholm, Sweden

    On the horizon for this summer we will be building another park or two in Montana. We'll also be back in Michigan to build phase 3 of Ride It Sculpture Park in Detroit as well as a brand new park just outside of Detroit in Sterling Heights. We are very excited about the Sterling Heights skatepark as it will be one of our largest design/build projects yet!

    Thanks again to everyone who helps make these projects a reality. Evergreen Skateparks is honored to get to do what we do.

  • FALL 2016 UPDATE

    Summer finished with a bang in Cashmere, Washington. This skatepark has a small footprint at 4,500 square feet but is a great stop if you're in the Wenatchee or Leavenworth area.

    After Cashmere we finished a small addition at the Havre, Montana skatepark. This was another project funded by Montana Pool Service aka Jeff Aments skatepark charity. We added some fun new obstacles to the original park in addition to the bowl we built there last year.

    Crew member Richie Conklin gets some air on the Montana Pool Service wall.

    Tedder Stone exposed aggregate pool block to make some noise.

    Chris Hogan Rocking and Rolling.

    Havre crew: Lance Spiker, Billy Coulon, Richie Conklin, Jake Shwarz & Chris Hogan.

    ABOVE: The 'Blue Pony Bowl' we built last year.

    In September we headed back to our home town of Portland, Oregon and completed two small 'skate spots' both designed by Grindline Skateparks. Both of these skateparks are part of much larger park redevelopment projects and unfortunately will not be open to the public until spring/summer 2017.

    ABOVE: Luuwit Park Skate Spot is located at NE 129th & Fremont near Shaver Elementary School and is about 3,000 square feet.

    ABOVE: Gateway Skate Spot is located at NE 106th & Halsey. 3,000 Square Feet.

    ABOVE: Currently we have the Rockridge Skatepark in Bend, Oregon underway. This project is on the fast track so we can complete it before the snow falls. At around 11,000 square feet this park is going to be a real gem. Stay tuned for more updates.

  • Summer 2016 Update

    Earlier this summer we completed two skateparks in north / central Montana off Highway 2- also known as the 'Hi-Line'. One was in the town of Malta and the other was in Hays on the Fort Belknap reservation. Both of these projects were completed from funds from the Pearl Jam Vitalogy fund and Montana Pool Service & Jeff Ament helped design them both.

    MALTA, MONTANA SKATEPARK: 4,000 square feet

    Billy @cool_onfamily line at the #maltaskatepark 〰💪🏼 #montanaskateparks #montanapoolservice

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     ABOVE: Evergreen Skateparks founder, Billy Coulon, gets a line at the Malta, Montana skatepark

    HAYS, MONTANA SKATEPARK: 3,800 square feet

    Keith Powers line at the Hays, Montana Skatepark 〰😎 #haysskatepark #montanaskateparks #montanapoolservice #purplehays

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    ABOVE: Crew member Keith Powers skating the Hays, Montana Skatepark.

    While half the crew was busy in Montana, crew #2 was building a skatepark for Camp Wood YMCA in Elmdale, Kansas. They completed construction just in time for summer camp.

    CAMP WOOD YMCA SKATEPARK: 4,000 square feet

    @_dicks_pix power line at #campwoodskatepark #kansasskateparks #campwoodymca 🏕

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    ABOVE: Richie Conklin tests out the Camp Wood YMCA Skatepark in Elmdale, Kansas.

    Most recently we completed the Cashmere, Washington skatepark located in central Washington between Wenatchee & Leavenworth. The skatepark is now open to the public. Fully completed photos to come!


    Currently we are working on a small addition to the Havre, Montana skatepark and then we will be heading back to Oregon. On our agenda for late summer / fall we will be building two 'skate spots' in Northeast Portland as well as a 10,000 square foot Thunder Park inspired skatepark in Bend, Oregon.

  • Spring 2016 Update

    Next month we will be wrapping up construction on the Hopkinsville, Kentucky skatepark designed by Grindline Skateparks. Here are a few shots from the construction process so far:

    Up next we will be building a small park in Hays, Montana for the Fort Belknap Indian Community. This is another great project brought to you by Montana Pool Service, aka Jeff Ament's skatepark charity. We will also be building a skatepark in Cashmere, Washington which will open this summer. Here are a few shots of the conceptual design we've developed for them:

    And later this summer we will be designing and building our first park in Scandinavia in the great city of Stockholm, Sweden. The skatepark we designed for them is Thunder Park inspired and an entirely lunar landscape design.



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