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  • Summer 2017..... Best yet?!

    Well summer is upon us and 2017 is shaping up (no pun intended) to be our biggest and best yet. Late June we finished construction on our project in Stockholm, Sweden- a unique addition to the surprising plethora of skateparks in Sweden.


    Designing & building skateparks in other countries can be complicated but at the end of the day it's pretty cool to think that there are Scandinavian people in another corner of the world enjoying an Evergreen park. Photos by Richie Conklin.


    Back in the states we've been working hard in Lewistown, Montana. The Lewistown Skatepark is a funding collaboration between Montana Pool Service, The Montana Skatepark Association and the local non-profit Make It Happen Foundation. Lewistown is a nice little town smack dab in the middle of Montana. The park features a fun lunar landscape section, a mirrored Treasure Bowl replica, and a street section. Some of the Evergreen higher ups (who will remain nameless) think this skatepark maybe our best yet. Construction should be completed late July.

    ABOVE: Initial Lewistown skatepark design concept

    ABOVE: Mirrored 'Treasure Bowl' replica courtesy of Montana Pool Service

    ABOVE: Whole park overview pre-concrete. Yep, we got a drone.


    While one crew wraps up construction in Lewistown we have another project starting in Sterling Heights, Michigan as of this week. This will be our largest design/build project to date and we'll be working on it for most of the rest of 2017. This will be our 5th skatepark in Michigan and Sterling Heights is just a short drive (and the next town over) from the skatepark we built in Clawson, Michigan. We're proud to say that the Michigan skate scene just keeps getting better and better.

    ABOVE: Sterling Heights, Michigan Conceptual Design


    In August another crew will break ground on the Watertown, South Dakota skatepark.

    ABOVE: Watertown, South Dakota Skatepark Design Concept

    Other jobs for fall/winter of 2017 include:


  • SPRING 2017 Update

    It's been awhile since we posted to our newsletter so we'll start where we left off. At the end of November 2016 we finished the Rockridge Skatepark in Bend, Oregon. This lunar landscape skatepark comes in at right about 11,000 square feet & should be open to the public when the rest of the Rockridge park construction is completed this summer of 2017. This is by far one of our favorite skateparks that we've designed & built and it will be a unique & fun addition to the Oregon skatepark scene.

    After completing the Rockridge skatepark we built a new quarter pipe at the Beaverton, Oregon skatepark:

     At the beginning of this year we were lucky to land a project in warm, sunny Texas. In February we began construction on the Johnson City, Texas skatepark which is not too far from Austin & just a short drive from the park we completed in 2015 in Fredericksburg, Texas. The Johnson City park is one of our favorite small skateparks we've done. It has a great flowy area with a long skateable path with ledges & manual pads.

    After Johnson City a small crew did some maintenance & new pool coping to the Grindline Skateparks designed & built West Linn, Oregon skatepark. Sometimes old concrete skateparks just need a little TLC.

    Mid-April we broke ground in Darby, Montana. The town of Darby already had a sad little existing park that was basically just a slab of concrete with a bank so we are sprucing that up to make it more FUNctional with some new street obstacles as well as adding another 4,300 square feet of concree skatepark. This surprise skatepark is being funded by the Montana Skatepark Association as well as Montana Pool Service- Jeff Aments skatepark charity. This will be our second skatepark in the Bitterroot Valley- a place Evergreen Skateparks is proud to call home now as we have our second office up the road in Stevensville, Montana where we built a park in 2015. The Darby Skatepark should be finished & ready for shredding in a couple weeks. Here's some shots of our progress so far:

    ABOVE: Demolition & construction on the old existing park

    ABOVE: Montana Pool Service Design rendering for the Darby Skatepark

    ABOVE: Real life Montana Pool Service designed section shaping up.

    ABOVE: New street features being added to the old park.

    Along with the Darby, Montana project we have one of our crews getting started on a much awaited park in Stockholm, Sweden. This is our first park in Sweden and will hopefully be finished before their midsummer holiday in June.

    ABOVE: Skatepark Construction in Stockholm, Sweden

    On the horizon for this summer we will be building another park or two in Montana. We'll also be back in Michigan to build phase 3 of Ride It Sculpture Park in Detroit as well as a brand new park just outside of Detroit in Sterling Heights. We are very excited about the Sterling Heights skatepark as it will be one of our largest design/build projects yet!

    Thanks again to everyone who helps make these projects a reality. Evergreen Skateparks is honored to get to do what we do.

  • FALL 2016 UPDATE

    Summer finished with a bang in Cashmere, Washington. This skatepark has a small footprint at 4,500 square feet but is a great stop if you're in the Wenatchee or Leavenworth area.

    After Cashmere we finished a small addition at the Havre, Montana skatepark. This was another project funded by Montana Pool Service aka Jeff Aments skatepark charity. We added some fun new obstacles to the original park in addition to the bowl we built there last year.

    Crew member Richie Conklin gets some air on the Montana Pool Service wall.

    Tedder Stone exposed aggregate pool block to make some noise.

    Chris Hogan Rocking and Rolling.

    Havre crew: Lance Spiker, Billy Coulon, Richie Conklin, Jake Shwarz & Chris Hogan.

    ABOVE: The 'Blue Pony Bowl' we built last year.

    In September we headed back to our home town of Portland, Oregon and completed two small 'skate spots' both designed by Grindline Skateparks. Both of these skateparks are part of much larger park redevelopment projects and unfortunately will not be open to the public until spring/summer 2017.

    ABOVE: Luuwit Park Skate Spot is located at NE 129th & Fremont near Shaver Elementary School and is about 3,000 square feet.

    ABOVE: Gateway Skate Spot is located at NE 106th & Halsey. 3,000 Square Feet.

    ABOVE: Currently we have the Rockridge Skatepark in Bend, Oregon underway. This project is on the fast track so we can complete it before the snow falls. At around 11,000 square feet this park is going to be a real gem. Stay tuned for more updates.

  • Spring 2016 Update

    Next month we will be wrapping up construction on the Hopkinsville, Kentucky skatepark designed by Grindline Skateparks. Here are a few shots from the construction process so far:

    Up next we will be building a small park in Hays, Montana for the Fort Belknap Indian Community. This is another great project brought to you by Montana Pool Service, aka Jeff Ament's skatepark charity. We will also be building a skatepark in Cashmere, Washington which will open this summer. Here are a few shots of the conceptual design we've developed for them:

    And later this summer we will be designing and building our first park in Scandinavia in the great city of Stockholm, Sweden. The skatepark we designed for them is Thunder Park inspired and an entirely lunar landscape design.

  • Summer 2015 Happenings

    2015 has been a busy spring & summer for us with 2 crews running back to back jobs at all times. Jasper Kahn's crew wrapped up two great projects in Montana both sponsored by Pearl Jam's Jeff Ament including a second phase at the Big Sandy Skatepark & also a fresh new bowl at the Havre, Montana Skatepark.

    ABOVE: Big Sandy Phase 2 Complete!

    ABOVE: New bowl in Havre, Montana 'Blue Pony Bowl'

    Big Sandy Phase 2 was completed just in time for the annual Pig Roast & Skate Jam on July 27th. Lots of skaters from Montana and beyond showed up for this fun event.

    At the same time our projects in Montana were being wrapped up, Billy's crew was finishing the Clawson, Michigan Skatepark. The Clawson skatepark features a fun flow section in the middle of the park we've been referring to as mini Thunder Park. There's also a fun track around the outside and a 'real street' path with stairs, a rail & ledges leading out of the park.

    ABOVE: Clawson, Michigan Skatepark Construction

    The Grand Opening of the Clawson Skatepark will be held this Sunday August 9th at 2 p.m. Plus Skateboard shop will be there hosting a how-to clinic as well as food trucks, music & other vendors. It should be a really fun event for the Michigan/Detroit skate scene.

    Currently Jasper's crew is down south in Hernando, Mississippi. The Hernando Skates group has been working tirelessy for years to get their skatepark and we are ecstatic that it's finally happening for them. You can truly thank the efforts of Edward Pidgeon who has spear headed this effort and spent every Saturday morning for the last few years at the Hernando Farmers Market asking for donations and bringing awareness to this project. This is the first Evergreen park in the south!

    ABOVE: Skatepark construction begins in Hernando, Mississippi!

    After Clawson Billy's crew moved to another locale in Michigan-the beautiful lakeside community of Frankfort on Lake Michigan. The skatepark location is just a few blocks from the lake. You may or may not remember the plan for the Powell Street Skate Spot in Portland but we have been dying to build this design & since the funding is still not available in Portland we decided to build it here in Michigan. (don't worry we will design something new & equally as fun for Powell)


    This is the first totally symmetrical skatepark that we've ever built and we are very happy with how it's turning out. It's going to be quite the rip ride and well worth a stop if you're in this beautiful part of the state.

    After the completion of the Hernando, MS Skatepark Jaspers crew will head to Fort Thompson, South Dakota to build a skatepark for the Crow Creek Sioux Tribe. We're very excited to get to build on another reservation after the success of the Thunder Park on the Blackfeet Reservation in Browning, Montana. Billy's crew will head to Stevensville, Montana after Frankfort to begin construction on the Bitteroot Valleys first skatepark. Jeff Ament again will be a major donor for this project. They are still raising money for this project- head over to their website to learn more about the project and donate anything you can so we can make this skatepark the biggest and best it can possibly be!

  • Spring 2015 Updates

    It's been a busy spring. Mid April we wrapped up construction on the Fredericksburg, Texas skatepark. This project was a long time coming. We worked with the Fredericksburg Morning Rotary Club for over two years designing, planning & fundraising for this park. It was our first project in Texas so we were excited to bring our style of skatepark to the state.

    Fredericksburg Skatepark Panorama

    Jasper Kahn ollie over the big bump.

    Sunset at the Fredericksburg, Texas Skatepark.

    Drone video from construction in Fredericksburg.

    Next up we sent one crew out to Michigan to get started on the Clawson, Michigan Skatepark outside of Detroit.

    Clawson, Michigan Skatepark conceptual design.

    While in Michigan the guys were also able to do some repairs & upgrades at Ride It Sculpture Park. Heard it's already covered in graffiti.

    Our other crew headed out to Montana to build phase 2 of the Big Sandy, Montana Skatepark. This is another project brought to you by Jeff Ament and Big Sandy is actually his home town. The crew should be completed by next week and in time for the annual Big Sandy Skatepark BBQ on June 27.

    Last weekend we were able to make a visit to the Thunder Park that we completed on the Blackfeet Reservation last fall in Browning, Montana. It was absolutely amazing to visit the park and see all of the kids out skating, most of them there from morning until night learning to ride and having fun with their friends. It was incredibly rewarding to see the fruits of our labor being enjoyed by so many kids with so few recreational opportunities and to have them express so much appreciation for us building the skatepark for them. The park is open to the public but the official grand opening celebration is June 26th. It should be quite a fun event with lots of insane skateboarding so be sure to head out there if you're in the area.

    Evergreen visit to the Thunder Park today!

    Posted by Evergreen Skateparks on Sunday, May 24, 2015

     Jasper over the channel in the Big O Capsule bowl at the Thunder Park.

    Evening at the Thunder Park.

    After the completion of Big Sandy #2 the crew will head up the road to Havre, Montana to build a nice bowl there. Stay tuned.

  • 2015 HORIZONS

    We finished up 2014 with two great projects- the Thunder Park on the Blackfeet Reservation in Montana was finished by October and the Alberta Skate Spot in Northeast Portland was wrapped up by November. We also were able to achieve one of our goals as a company last year- we designed AND built every skatepark we worked on in 2014. To learn more about the importance of the design/build format for concrete skateparks click HERE.

    BELOW: Alberta Skate Spot- Portland, Oregon

    ABOVE: THUNDER PARK- Blackfeet Reservation, Browning Montana

    2015 is looking to be another spectacular year filled with all design/build projects. Currently we are working in Fredericksburg, Texas building a 13,500 square foot park. This will be the first Evergreen park in the state of Texas. We are also helping Project Loop with their upcoming skatepark in Taylor, Texas. Project Loop is a creative youth mentoring program led by our amazing friend & professional photographer Brent Humphrey's. They have been raising money for a skatepark for over 2 years through their 50/50 skate art auction. Project Loop is an amazing group for kids filled with lots of creative people, artists & athletes coming together to make things happen. We are hoping to break ground in Taylor this spring under a bridge in Downtown Taylor.

    This summer you will find us in Montana collaborating with Jeff Ament again to bring 3-4 more skateparks to Big Sky Country. & Hopefully you will be seeing us in Mississippi and Michigan soon as well! Stay tuned.............

  • Fall Happenings

    It's been a busy fall for us with two projects going on simultaneously in two of the most amazing locations we could ask for: the Blackfeet reservation in Browning, Montana and our hometown of Portland, Oregon.

    ABOVE: Jeff Ament with Billy & Noot & friends on site in Browning, Montana

    The Blackfeet Skatepark, or "Thunder Park" as we are also calling it has been an absolutely amazing project. The park features a "Big-O Capsule" replica from the Orange County Skatepark from the 70's as well as a huge flowy, lunar landscape park filled with snaking pump bumps, hips and lines for days. We have just a little over a week of work until completion and we've been able to take some test runs as the park comes together. The crew feels it is our best work yet and we can thank Pearl Jams bassist Jeff Ament for funding this project and creating an amazing opportunity for us to truly utilize our creative freedom. Here's a few shots from construction:

    ABOVE: "Big O" Capsule Replica

    ABOVE: Skateboarders/Craftsman at work

    ABOVE: Lunar Landscape taking shape

    Upon completion of the Blackfeet Skatepark our crew will head back to Portland to finish the NE 52nd & Alberta Skatepark. We are very excited to build in our home town. This park is small at just around 3,000 square feet but will be fun & flowy. Here's a few shots from construction:

    We would like to thank all of the amazing people who help make these skatepark projects a reality and especially the dedicated and hardworking crew we've had on hand this fall:

    Jasper Kahn, Justin McDowell, Richie Conklin, Jesse Clayton, Brandon Chrisjohn, Tavita Scanlan, Sloan Palder, Michael Flint, Tony Johnson, & Jack Marsh


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